Stuffing Box Oil Reduces Oil Production Costs & Downtime

February 3, 2016By adminProduct Info

In the current economy with oil trading at low prices, oil production service companies are looking for innovative ways of improving their processes to reduce costs. As companies in the province of Alberta and other jurisdictions are striving to innovate and apply new methods and products wherever they can to reduce costs they are finding … Read More

Oilfield Penetrating Oil – Penlube ‘E’

December 9, 2015By adminProduct Info

Guardex Penlube ‘E’ is highly effective penetrating oil that was designed for the oil and gas field for removing and clean-up of wellhead bolts, baked on bitumen, combined with sand, silt, and general rust and corrosion. It has consistently proven to save time and labour and increased efficiency with these cleanup procedures. Guardex Penlube ‘E’ … Read More

Oil & Gas cleaning agent delivers incredible results

November 16, 2015By adminProduct Info

Guardex Cisol BD-501 is specifically formulated to remove tar, ashpalt, heavy oil and greases of all types from equipment. It is an oilfield cleanup / cleaner formula but it may be used as a detergent in high pressure washers and steam cleaners. However, it’s effectiveness will depend on the application and the concentrations used. All … Read More