Guardex Cisol BD-501 is specifically formulated to remove tar, ashpalt, heavy oil and greases of all types from equipment. It is an oilfield cleanup / cleaner formula but it may be used as a detergent in high pressure washers and steam cleaners. However, it’s effectiveness will depend on the application and the concentrations used. All components of Cisol BD-501 are biodegradable. The major portion of Cisol BD-501 can be seperated from the wash water by settling.

Guardex Cisol BD-501 is an organic solvent (citrus oil) with added surfactants, formulated to mix with water. It is Contains no phosphates. It is non-corrosive, non-caustic and non-acidic. The is very powerful and the concentrate will attack some forms of rubber, plastics and paints, and these should be tested prior to it’s use. Test’s on Buna, Viton, Neoprene and tire type rubbers have not proven harmful. Cisol BD-501 concentrate should be flushed off equipment with water within 30 minutes, if not on bare metal.