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At GUARDEX, we are dedicated to creating products that are trusted, tested and proven to work. 

But just don’t take our word for it!

GUARDEXLUBES Formula 112 Octane Booster
“I have been using Guardex Octane Booster 112 for over 20 years. I have had no start-up issues in the coldest of weather and my vehicles are not plugged in. My 1997 and 2007 Honda engines are very clean! I love the product.”
Gerald Ross, The Real Estate Company

Guardex Octane Booster 112 makes all our machines, right down to the quads, fire up with zero issues starting, even in -25C weather! This product made the downtime next to nothing. We are extremely satisfied with Guardex products and have recommended both business and personal associates to Guardex.”
Bob Roper, Roper Industries

“For 10 years I have been running my gas vehicles on Guardex Octane Booster 112. I have a Viper, SRT Jeep, Supercharged Challenger, Infinity Q-56 all running the Octane additive. I have had no corrosion, no buildup. I take my vehicles to Davenport Racing in Calgary and Adams Custom Shop. I have had zero problems with the start-up of any of my vehicles, and no choking off. I found using the fuel from the pumps that run ethanol really drag down combustibility. Guardex Octane Booster really solves that issue, and made the wear and tear of the engine next to none.”
Reece Kosek, Race Car Driver
“I am personally using Guardex Octane Booster 112 in my 2014 F-150, my 2019 Jeep Wrangler 2.0 liter Turbo; my Pontoon Boat and 2014 GTX155 Seadoo. Every unit seems more responsive when you step into it, fuel mileage is better in the truck and Jeep. We've been selling Formula 112 in my store for years with super positive customer feedback. Product is well worth adding to you customer offering!!”
Jack de Bussac, Napa Auto Parts Franchisee
GUARDEXLUBES Formula C-50 Diesel Booster

“We are pleased to announce that the use of Guardex ECL Diesel Boosters with Cetane has improved our diesel fuel consumption used in the vessels of our company.  The improvement of 10% to my surprise, has exceeded the stated 7% guaranteed fuel saving.
The net saving (savings minus cost of Boosters) for our company a fiscal year is estimated at HK$1.3 million dollars.”
Peter Cheng, Wing Lee Shipping (Canada) Inc.

“When using Guardex’s Diesel Booster C-50, we decreased our fuel consumption to 14.6 litres per hour from 19.6 litres per hour on a 2014 Lambini tractor. We were highly impressed by the direct savings and consumption of fuel.”
Bob Roper, Roper Industries

"In follow up to our letter, I am updating you on the trial of our International single axle tractor with the 530 DT engine. Our test results with your Guardex Diesel Booster showed a fuel savings of just under 18%. Impressive."
David Moore, General Cartage

"Guardex Diesel Booster with Cetane has improved our mileage from 6.8 miles per gallon to not less than 7.8 miles per gallon and as high as 8.3 miles per gallon."
Jim Baker, Baker Trucking

"Western Star tractor with a 3406E 425 Caterpillar engine, was converted to your diesel conservation and hazardous waste engine oil reduction program. Engine starts were easier and quieter and our engine oil and rear end oil temperatures were at least 20 degrees lower.”
Vern Clark, Janeen Carriers

“I have used Guardex “Cisol” for cleaning “heavy oil” cutting samples, service rigs, wellheads, equipment contaminated with asphalt, asphalt laying and grading equipment, and vehicles sprayed with asphalt and “heavy oil.” Our client, Imperial Oil, has been using Cisol BD501 with confidence in Northern Alberta for over 25 years now and with such success that they use Cisol BD501 exclusively and demand that their contractors also use Cisol when cleaning IORL owned equipment.”
N. J. Thurber, DCP Consulting

“Cisol BD501 is the “super miracle cleaner.” My asphalt company makes some pretty tough messes. The Cisol BD501 is amazing – especially on the beige carpet in my truck. I spray Cisol on it and then hose the truck out and the carpet looks like brand new! When I get some on the exterior surface of our equipment or trucks, I spray it with Cisol and the asphalt cleans it right off. I would recommend this product to any company as a cleaner – degreaser! It is the BEST!”
Bryan MacArthur, Westpoint Construction

GUARDEXLUBES Stuffing Box Oil – Case Study

We used Guardex Stuffing Box Oil on a variety of equipment and studied the results over 12 months of use. Equipment tested included a plunger pump, a reciprocating pump and several national triplex pumps all ranging in sizes of 1”, ¾” and 3-4”.  We tested them against other products used in such maintenance applications including gland packing, canola, 10w30 and rock drill oils.
Compared to the competitor products, we found Guardex Stuffing Box reduced packing lubricator rates by some 70% from 35-40 drips down to 9 drips per minute, allowing for a significant reduction in the usage. This resulted in monthly maintenance reductions across all equipment tested, lowering operating costs for one client by approximately $80,000. When all were re-inspected at the 12-month mark, the plungers were still functional and the packing was visibly intact.
We also undertook water flood applications as the product was noted for its anti-corrosion agents. We immersed the pumps in salt water solutions and noted over the trial period that the salt was kept in suspension and did not crystalize, making it the only product to do so. We discovered that the liquid state of the salt water did not deteriorate and lubricity remained excellent.
The cost of purchase with Guardex Stuffing Box is roughly $200.00 cheaper than leading products. Not only cost, but consumption noticeably decreased along with a reduction in maintenance cycles.
Rod Rempel, AR Mechanical


“We purchased a used car for our teenage daughter, and while it was a fantastic deal, the horrible stench of stale smoke was a turnoff. We tried just about everything you can think of but nothing we tried was working. We were introduced to Annihilator by a friend and were not really expecting it to do much. We sprayed the interior areas as directed and waited about 8 hours (overnight). We couldn’t believe it! The smell was virtually eliminated and a second application removed any residual smell 100%. No chemical smell, no sticky residue … it just neutralized the smoke smell which is what I was after. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with tough smells and give it a 5 out of 5 stars!”  
Jennifer Moorman, Cigarette Smoke Treatment
“I had the unfortunate task of cleaning the rear seat of my mini-van when hamburger was inadvertently left on it over the long weekend in July. When I opened the door I honestly gagged, it was that bad.
I purchased Natures Miracle Skunk product and although it was able to get rid of some smell (with a steam clean) the odour was still really heavy. I happened to stumble across your product at a friend’s house and he told me how well it had worked to get rid of some nasty smells that mice had left in his 5th wheel. One treatment eliminated the majority of the smell and only a small amount was needed. A second treatment was all it took. It is by far one of the best treatments I have ever used and the price was 1/3 the cost of Natures Miracle.  Amazing!!”  
Pamela Whitworth, Putrid Odour Treatment
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