Oilfield Cleanup and Lubricant Products

Guardex Lubes offers unique products:
  • Oilfield Equipment Cleaner
  • Stuffing Box Oil
  • Lubricants
  • Fuel Additives
  • Fuel Boosters
We provide our customers with superior products for the oil and gas industries, and other industrial applications. Our objective is to lower your operating costs, extend the life of your equipment and reduce overall down time. Guardex Lubes uses environmentally friendly products.

Established in Calgary, Alberta in 1983.

(403) 652-1992

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Stuffing Box Oil Lubricants Oilfield Cleanup Lubricant Lubes Equipment Cleaner

Solutions for Water Injection Pumps - Water flood

Guardex Cisol BD-501 is an organic solvent (citrus oil) with added surfactants, formulated to mix with water. It is specifically formulated to remove tar, ashpalt, heavy oil and greases of all types from equipment.

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Penlube 'E'

Guardex Penlube 'E' is a product developed for and used by various companies in the oilpatch to clean-up and remove wellhead bolts, baked on bitumen, combined with sand, silt, and general rust and corrosion.

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Stuffing Box Oil

Guardex Stuffing Box Oil is a specially formulated lubricant, designed as a rod and packing lubricant for both centrifugal and reciprocation action pumps and equipment.

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Diesel Booster

Guardex C50 Diesel Booster contains a Cetane Improver, for More Horsepower and Increased Fuel Efficiency. It helps Prevent Internal Corrosion in the Tank & Fuel System by STABILIZING Fuel so that it will not form Varnish, Gum, and Sludge.

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Octane Booster

Guardex Formula 112 Octane Booster is a complex blend of hydrocarbons specifically formulated to work in conjunction with today's fuels thus assuring maximum fuel economy and engine performance.

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Trusted and Relied Upon With Consistent Results and Savings

Here are some of the clients we work with that trust and rely on our products:

Amoco Canada Petroleum Co. Ltd.
Imperial Oil Resources
BP Canada Inc. (now Talisman Resources)
Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Canada
West Coast Transmission
Husky Oil Operation Ltd.
CN Railway
North Canadian Oil & Gas
Mobil Oil
Shell Oil
East West Transport
.. and many others


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